Testimonials earned by GRID Express:

“The biggest difference is there is no hassle for us. We just don’t have to worry about medical scheme claims.”
Dr Robin Mears

“It improved my cash flow. I just started with you in March. I’m telling you it’s unbelievable.”
Dr Alicia Ngemutu

“It’s much better for me really. I’ve got more time for other things. I get more money because they are able to follow up the medical scheme that is not paid. I wasn’t able to do that because I had so many things to do.”
Dr Pelisa Qaba

“I prefer GRID Express. Now there is no following of claims by my office.”
Dr Sjabulisiwe Tshabalala

“I have found GRID Express to be very professional. They’re very good and an improvement from before when we used handwritten paper claims. They’re very responsible and they attend to our queries very promptly.”
Dr. Devalingam Pillay