Follow these easy steps to register for our service:

  1. Please complete the registration form below for registration with GRID Express
  2. Receive welcome call from GRID Express answering all questions relating to the process
  3. Start sending claims to GRID Express via E-mail / Fax / Post / Courier
  4. GRID Express receives the claims and submits them via the MedEDI program in Real-time
  5. MedEDI gives and immediate response of the claim’s status
  6. If there is a short payment this gets followed up with the patient or gets sent back to the practice for follow up (depending on the option chosen when signing up with GRID Express)
  7. If there is a medical aid query this gets followed up by GRID Express
  8. GRID Express receives remittances from funders and reconciles your claims
  9. On a monthly basis detailed reports are sent to the practice detailing its financial wellbeing

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