Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How does the doctor send patient details to GRID Express?
A: The doctor completes a patient day sheet and then, depending on your preference, sends it by fax, e-mail, post or courier to our offices.

Q: How does GRID Express save me money?
A: GRID Express uses cutting edge software to quickly submit and receive confirmation from the medical schemes. This means that you get paid sooner by the medical schemes, and also know speedily about any potentially costly problems such as a patient who is out-of-funds or a claim with incorrect patient details.

Q: What does GRID Express do for me?
A: Once we receive the patient’s day-sheet, we quickly submit your claim to the medical schemes electronically via the MedEDI Claims Processing System. Within seconds, GRID Express receives an immediate response from virtually all medical schemes detailing the amount paid by the scheme and the portion the patient is liable for. We then fax any issues raised by the schemes, such as patient out-of-funds or incorrect patient details back to you. If there are any patient liable amounts, we will then follow this up with your patients via sms, e-mail and final notice. As required, GRID Express also does postal or telephonic follow ups with the medical schemes. You will also receive statistical information in a bound pack showing your practice’s performance including payment and turnover data.

Q: Can GRID Express assist our practice with PMB claims?
A: Yes, GRID Express removes frustrations in the practice by alleviating the time-consuming tasks that comes with Prescribed Minimum Benefits claiming and follow ups. GRID has a specialized and dedicated PMB department dedicated to handling your practices PMB claims and queries.

Q: What is included in the detailed report that I receive from GRID Express at the end of the month?
A:(1) A summary of monthly turnover and payments;
(2) Statistical reporting including average income per consultation;
(3) Turnover vs. payments bar graphs;
(4) Pie chart of income derived from Consultations / Procedures / Acute Meds / Chronic Meds / Materials.
(5) Detailed medical scheme and patient Age Analyses, with follow up notes.

Q: How will I know which medical schemes and patients still owe me money and how much they owe me?
A : Included in the report you receive from us every month is a detailed Age Analyses that include detail on all medical scheme outstanding amounts as well as patient liable amounts with notes detailing exactly what was done to follow up on these amounts.