About Us

About Us

Behind GRID Express there is a long track record in developing medical billing and practice management software, electronic claiming and medical account outsourcing. An accumulation of twenty seven years of know-how in this field supports the elegant simplicity of the GRID Express System.

In addition to our own office staff which provides support for our clients as needed, another important level of support exists to facilitate rapid communications with the medical schemes. For the critical Internet communications links with the schemes, GRID Express enjoys the service and support of the MedEDI Information Technology staff and infrastructure.

The MedEDI team, which is a few blocks away from GRID Express, consists of experienced consultants, network administrators, Microsoft-Certified System Engineers, medical software developers and a ready-to-assist support division.

The MedEDI administration centre employs experienced revenue specialists to continually update the medical scheme database.  This is done to ensure that the system reflects the latest funder rules and requirements.

The GRID Express headquarters are situated in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.